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Microneedling is a non-ablative (does not remove the outer skin layer) cosmetic treatment using a device containing  several tiny needles.

A natural alternative to Botox and fillers, the microneedling device glides over the surface of the skin using a serum of Hyaluronic acid. This causes microtrauma and the body reacts to this by sending additional collagen and elastin to the site of treatment  (natural fillers). 

The Dermal Pen can be used for smaller areas such as top lip, frown lines and crow's feet.

Very popular at present with celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Madonna, being fans of this treatment!

After treatment, typically the skin will be red, not unlike the look of a mild sunburn, but this fades after approx. 12-24 hours. Further serums are applied to the skin which increases the efficiency of the treatment.

Jamie is trained and insured to needle to a safe effective medical level of 1.5 mm deep  which is a very effective in treating many conditions.

Can be particularly effective for:

-Acne scarring

-Scar reduction (not effective on keloid scars)

-Reduction of enlarged pores

-Age related wrinkles/lines

-Upper lip lines


-Dull/lifeless skin

Can also be used on the body for:

-Stretch marks


-Hand rejuvenation

- Decolletage (Upper chest)

- Neck line

Microneedling using dermapen

                                           Facial Enhance® Dermal Pen being used on crow's feet